A Profile – Daddy

I love my Daddy, and I guess you could say I am a real Daddy’s girl. When I was born, the Doctors kept a small piece of the cord for him to cut after I was pulled from my Mummy’s tummy. He was the first person to cuddle me too and it was great. This is him here:

His name is Sean, and he is a little bit younger than Mummy. He is a West Country boy, as he grew up in a village between Bath and Bristol. When he was younger he had lots of curly ginger hair, although he is a bit bald now. I must have inherited my ginger turning locks from him!!!

He is what my Mummy calls a typical ‘bloke’, in that he loves his beer and he loves his sport. He is a big Bristol City fan, and I did get to see a couple of matches on the TV with him which was cool (although I think they lost). He also supports Bath rugby club and Somerset cricket club.

Daddy is an accountant. When he is not working, he plays squash with friends. He is very competitive! Even when he plays board games against my cousins, he doesn’t let them win!!!

When I was grumpy he used to march around the house with me in his arms singing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. It was very funny, and it always used to cheer me up. When I first came home, and at weekends after he went back to work, he would stay up with me on the night shift. I loved my Daddy time. We just hung out and it was great.

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