Total Raised so Far


£ 38,747.72!


Smith & Williamson – Bristol 10k

A big thank you to all involved at Smith & Williamson, who ran the Bristol 10k in 2012, and raised a whopping £2,586 for Cerys’ Cuddles.

Steve Ashworth

Thank you to Steve Ashworth my Twitter Father, who won a business award, and donated £250 of the charitable monies he was given to Cerys’ Cuddles.

NCT Group Run

Thank you to all my friends in our NCT Group who ran the Ashton Court 10k in October 2012. They did brilliantly, especially as the girls had all recently had babies.They raised an impressive £3,992.25 (including gift aid) which will be split between Children’s Hospice South West and Soft UK.

Funeral Donations

An amazing £1,600 was raised and split equally between the Hospice and Soft UK by all who attended my funeral. Thank you everyone for being so generous to very worthy causes.

Beth Coles

Thank you to Beth Coles a friend of my Nanny and Pappy’s who asked friends to donate money to the hospice for her 70th Birthday and raised £300 for Cerys’ Cuddles.

Smith & Williamson

Thank you to the Pensions team at Smith & Williamson, who raised a fantastic £1,230 from their annual conference

Philip Moody

A very big thank you to Philip Moody who has donated an incredible £3,736.25 from his charitable fantasy formula one competition to Cerys’ Cuddles.

Smith & Williamson

A big thank you to the Restructuring and Recovery team at Smith & Williamson who raised an amazing £1,722.23 at a charity quiz night which they organised

Dave Mouncey

Thank you to Dave Mouncey who very kindly organised a raffle at his Christmas Party with all the proceeds going to Cerys’ Cuddles. A wonderful £128 was raised.

Polly Hughes

Thank you to cousin Polly who ran the Bath Half Marathon 2013 in aid of Cerys’ cuddles, and raised a fantastic £775 (inlcuding gift aid)

Steve Pilkington

Thank you to Steve Pilkington who ran the Torbay Half Marathon 2013 in aid of Cerys’ cuddles, and raised a fantastic £610 (inlcuding gift aid). This is Steve crossing the finishing line, he said he looked to the sky and thought of me.


Uncle Damian

My Uncle Damian cycled from Lands End to John O Groats in August 2013 to raise money for Childrens Hospice South West in my memory. He did brilliantly and raised £1,392.25 (including gift aid). Thank you Uncle Damian.

Mummy, Daddy and Martyn Fraser

On September 15th 2013 Mummy, Daddy and their friend Martyn Fraser ran the Bristol Half Marathon in my memory, and to raise money for SOFT UK, The Jessie May Trust and Children’s Hospice South West. Mummy and Daddy have never done a run before, so it was a big challenge for them. They did brilliantly though, and also raised a fantastic £6,528.75 (including gift aid) for the 3 charities.



Philip Moody

Thank you again to Philip Moody who has donated £312.50 (including gift aid) from his 2014 charitable fantasy formula one competition to Cerys’ Cuddles.

Team Cerys

On 21st June 2014 Team Cerys ran the 5k Bristol Rainbow run in aid of Children’s Hospice South West and raised £913.75 (including Gift aid) . Team Cerys consisted of Ian Jewitt, Abi Corboy, Lydia Pilkington, Liz Lockwood, Luke Roberts, Nicola Rees, Martyn Fraser, Emily Tucker, Tom Hallam and Mummy and Daddy. Well done everyone.


Jayne Dainty

On October 19th 2014 Mummy’s friend Jayne Dainty ran the Birmingham Half Marathon in my memory and to raise money for the Jessie May Trust. Jayne raised a brilliant £407.50 (including gift aid). Thank you Jayne.

Ian and Steve

A big thank you to Ian and Steve who hosted a guest chef night at The Rose and Crown in Ashbury. Not only did they cook some fabulous meals, they also raised £130 for The Jessie May Trust in my memory.

Abi Corboy

Thank you to Abi Corboy for running the Bristol Half Marathon in September 2016, raising a fantastic £670 for Children’s Hospice South West.






Uncle Damian

Thank you to Uncle Damian who took part in the Ride for Precious Lives organised by Children’s Hospice South west, raising £1,200 in my memory.










Steve Pilkington

A huge congratulations to Steve Pilkington who ran The London Marathon 2017 in Cerys’ memory, raising an incredible £1337.72 (including gift aid), for The Jessie May Trust. A big well done Steve.












Mummy, Daddy, Ella and Martin

My Mummy and Daddy attempted the Bristol 10k in May 2017, along with Martin Lockwood and Ella Edwards. Everyone finished in the times they were hoping for, and raised £2,175 (including gift aid) for Children’s Hospice South West and The Jessie May Trust. Thank you Team Cerys.










On Line Donations

If you have been moved by my story, and have made a donation following the link on this website, a big thank you is headed your way from the Watts family.

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