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  1. What a wonderful website in memory of such a special and beautiful little girl; Cerys! I was privileged to meet Cerys and her parents at the SOFT Conference in May 2012.

    I totally agree in what has been said by Caroline, as I also sadly lost my precious baby Daughter; Leah Cerys to Edwards Syndrome in February 2011. Had we not received such fantastic support from Acorns Children’s Hospice, or guidance from SOFT UK, we would have really struggled to deal with our situation. Hopefully this informative and wonderfully moving website, will help other Mom’s Dad’s and their relatives to cope with this terrible condition. It has to be said that some children can live with the condition for many years, and eradicate the notion that it is “Incompatible With Life”!!! I hope the website is a huge success… x x x x

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